East Lothian Greens
East Lothian Greens


Monday, June 27th, 2016

Following the news that East Lothian Council has rejected a planning application to construct an anaerobic digester at Ballencrieff, the East Lothian Greens have released the following statement:

“East Lothian greens are pleased that the Council has seen sense and turned down this planning application. The AD plant for which consent was sought was an inappropriate use of a potentially valuable technology and driven by clumsily designed subsidies. The plant was at the wrong scale, in the wrong place and with the wrong source material. Small scale anaerobic digesters powered by locally sourced waste material from other processes are a great way to produce renewable energy, and Scotland has many plants of this nature in operation already.

“Renewable energy is, by its nature, low intensity and dispersed. It gives us an opportunity to completely rethink the way we do things – away from centralised, large-scale solutions towards small-scale, decentralised systems. The way forward is an energy economy where control lies with the community.”


Sarah Beattie-Smith at a meeting of opponents
to the AD plant plans

The Council’s planning committee voted by ten votes to six to reject the plan, despite recommendations from their officials to give it the green light.

At a 2015 meeting of residents opposed to the plans, East Lothian activist Sarah Beattie-Smith said: “Thirty nine per cent of Scottish households are living in fuel poverty. Anaerobic digestion is a good idea in principle as a means to alleviate fuel poverty – turning waste into energy – but to grow waste to burn is unnecessary. I’m not convinced by these plans.”